How to Have a Fun and Safe Night Out on the Town in Austin

A fun night out in Austin can be a memorable experience for you and your friends. There are many causes for a celebration. You could all be going to a concert, having a night out of dancing, or enjoying a bachelor or bachelorette party. Things can get out of hands with adults, and accidents can happen. You can still have a fun night out in Austin while keeping the following tips in mind.

Travel in a Small Group

Perhaps you were planning on renting a hummer limo or double-decker bus for your large group night out. A smaller group may not be as exciting, but it can make for a safer experience. If you allow everyone to come along, then your friends will invite their friends and so forth. It will be hard to keep track of everyone by the end of the night. No one will know who Mindy is, and how she got lost.

Instead, stick to a minimum number of people you want to invite. Keep a list of people’s names with you so that you can do a head count. Have their phone numbers available in case of an emergency. You are all adults, but you don’t want to risk someone getting hurt.

Hire an Austin Limo Service

If you and your friends intend to drink that night, hire a limo driver. A driver’s responsibility is to ensure the safety of his passengers. It may be an expense to hire a driver, but it could save your lives in the end. Plus, you and your friends can divide the price of the fare.

Try to get to know your limo driver so you understand the policies, and so he understands the itinerary for your night out. Make sure you know where to meet your driver at the end of the night. If you re going to be smoking the herb make sure you carry a smell proof bag for your weed. Your driver is not your chaperone. He will not keep track of where your friends are and if they happen to be missing. That is your responsibility, if you planned the night out.


Establish Some Ground Rules

Even though you’re all adults, accidents can happen. Adults can get a bit rowdy at times when traveling together. Alcohol can hinder a person’s judgment even more. This opens the door for fights, missing people, inappropriate gestures, and lapse of judgment to happen. If you’re not careful, you can spend the rest of your night in jail.

Set some ground rules with your friends before your night out. You want to make sure that they understand and respect them. If a friend can’t respect your rules, then you need to uninvite that person.

Some ground rules you could set is to keep a phone on you at all times for emergency purposes, limit the use of alcohol among your friends, and create an exit strategy in case something happens. You don’t want to be unprepared with the unexpected happens. You could also enforce a strict no drugs rule with your friends. With these rules in mind, you and your friends can still unwind and enjoy the night in a safe manner.