Horse Stall Systems—Several Considerations

Horse stall systems serve a huge purpose for many barns hence they should never be neglected at all times. Most barn owners busy themselves in designing the style and dimensions of their barn without even considering choosing and determining the right system to adapt. As a result horse stalls suffer causing a lot of inconvenience to the horses. If you are planning to build and design a barn either from scratch or a kit, everything should start from the inside and out.

Equines stalls are very important and should be considered as huge element when planning and designing a barn as this is most probably where the horses will be spending most of their time. Planning without enough thought and consideration can pose serious health risks for the horses as well as very costly mistakes and renovations.

Barn Doors should have thought and a conscious effort put towards them for the comfort of your horse. You may want to consider Dutch Doors for the ability of your horse to be contained yet still provide airflow and visibility for your horse.

When planning and designing a bar, the sizes of the stalls are very important. The more spacious they are, the better and much more comfortable they can get. A minimum of 8×8 ft. sq. can be enough to house a full grown horse but only for short periods of time. It would be best to provide a much larger space for the horse so it remains calm inside as it rests. And because of that, making it 10 ft. x 10 ft. or 12 ft. x 12 ft. will be much more comfortable for the horses. Should you have plans to breed horses, you will have to consider designing foaling stalls that are at least double the size of your standard stalls and horse fencing.

The drainage is also another important consideration. Equine stalls that are poorly built and designed can have drainage issues hence it should also not be ignored. Equine stalls that easily get flooded or damp can seriously cause health issues to the horses as bacteria could flourish and spread from the damp beddings. A professional drainage system will be important around the stalls and walkways should flooding is frequent.

Another essential for equines stalls is the lighting. Horses should be given enough lighting as the outdoors to make them feel comfortable. Windows, skylights, and other natural light source need to be utilized to save money as well as provide healthier option for the horses. Also, make sure that there are no exposed wires and bulbs around the stalls to avoid certain risks.

When designing your barn, always make sure to adapt the right kind of horse stall systems so your horses thrives in comfort and good health.